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Dog Star Daily | K9 Corner with Shona Nolan

What is is a free website for dog lovers — a daily magazine with news, blogs and articles about dog behavior; a comprehensive digital dog training textbook, with everything you need to know about raising or training your puppy or dog and especially, how to prevent or fix most common behavior problems; plus a place to share photos and videos of your favorite canine companions.


Dog Star Daily


Developed by the founder of the APDT, puppy classes and pet dog training as we know it today - Dr Ian Dunbar.

Those at dogSTARdaily so strongly believe (and we at Positive Paws totally agree!) that puppy husbandry and training information is so important that it should be freely available to all, with the hope that dogs (and their humans) will be happier and healthier because of it. is growing everyday, with new content and features added on a regular basis.


Get free downloads of Dr Ian Dunbar's must have books Before You Get Your Puppy and After You Get Your Puppy!

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