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Macarthur Pages was developed in late 2007 with an aim to maintain business within the local area of Macarthur and Wollondilly regions. Starting with only 100 listings of services in our region we have been fortunate enough to expand this to over 5000 by 2010.


The benefits    


Macarthur Pages is aimed to attract local customers and visitors to the website who are searching for potential services and information on the area. Macarthur Pages provides all local businesses a free basic listing. However we encourage businesses to help us support them by upgrading their listing to a premium listing. Premium listings are featured on the home page and get priority when customers are searching. A featured listing can be treated like a mini website where businesses can add products, photos, brochures and other useful information you may be looking for. The more information you are supplied the more likely it is you will enquire.


A online presence


Macarthur Pages has been built with all the latest Search Engine Optimisation techniques. Developed and run by local developer Webfrog Studios, Macarthur Pages is built on all the latest technology including social networking "Share buttons". This gives the ability for users to share an interesting product or service with friends over social networking applications such as facebook, twitter and my space.


Macarthur Pages Vs Other Directories


Macarthur Pages compared to other directories is designed to service our local and surrounding area. Compared to other directories you no longer have to search through thousands of unwanted pop ups and out of area services. Often local businesses will provide better prices as they do not have the need to travel or post items to you. It gives businesses a quick cash turn around and by providing the latest brochures and catalogues, makes finding bargains and products easy and environmentally.  Macarthur Pages uses a star ranking system and enables customers to sign up and leave reviews. The simply layout and easy to use links makes Macarthur Pages friendly and quick to use.


Exposure for business


Macarthur Pages is promoted using modern day technology to target specific audiences with paid advertising running on Google and Facebook, making it great advertising. This technology allows us to attract serious viewers who seek local information and services.  Macarthur Pages provides two forms of advertisement to expose your business, the most common is a featured listing and for those wanting serious exposure we have block advertising. Blocks are a great way to maintain a permanent position in a prominent area of the website.  






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